Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another update on Faith

Last night Faith had a surgical line put in her leg. This is because her umbillical tube had to come out so there was not a risk of infection. They told us that right at the end of the procedure she woke up and stared at the nurses and started moving around, they had to hold her down to finish the job!!

Today she had her first real feeding. It is through a tube in her nose and she will get 6mL of milk every 3 hours and we will be watching to see how she tolerates that. So we are praying that she can digest the milk great.

After the surgery last night her ventilator was turned up to help her out a bit, because of the morphine and today she seems to be riding the machine a bit. She needs to start doing some more of her own breathing before they will take out the tube.

We met her new dr and he is great. He was very positive with us and that was nice for a change...

She also had her catheter removed last night and she has been soaking diapers quite well...

That is it for now, will be back again hopefully tomorrow with more...


  1. Yeah for wet diapers! Double Yeah for peeing!

    I will be praying for her breathing and for her digesting milk.

    Love to her, hugs & kisses!

  2. I have been thinking of you all so much, lately. I hope she continues to improve! I hope you are holding up okay through all of this, too. You're in my prayers.

  3. I am so excited that she did well, i will continue praying for her and the kids are too! We love you guys and can't wait to play cards and hang out with all of you, keep strong and glad to hear the Dr. was better, we will pray for Godly people around you and pete and faith.
    love always

  4. PRAISE may have heard this before but she is named faith for a reason...all of our faith and prayers goes out to our newest sister...our little Faith, and we won't stop 'cause our report is the Lord's...and his report says she is healed, his report says she is filled, and many diapers she will fill ;-), his report says victory.

    love you guys and sorry I haven't had the time to come out yet.