Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Update on Faith's progress

Faith has been progressing well, even though the dr's don't give us much hope for her future, we are standing firm that she is healthy and whole, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

She has been peeing a phenomenal amount lately. The highest was 6.4mL per kilo per hour. The weekend dr had put her on some extra kidney meds to help with the progress. She is now off of it and is still peeing a great deal, so yes her kidneys have started to function properly again.

Her heart is beating as strong as ever and even though the dr from last week was concerned with the way the monitor was reading the heart rate, it is now steady and normal.

The dr told us they were concerned, on Friday, about the lack of movement and the fact that she hadn't opened her eyes. We basically told him that if he was as swollen as she was, that he would have a hard time with that stuff too.

Yesterday, when we came back in after lunch, Pete was talking to the nurse. Faith started to wake up after hearing his voice and then she OPENED HER EYES!!! We were so excited and we took lots of pictures with her eyes open. She has dark blue eyes and she just loves to dance...she moves her head back and forth and waves her arms and even gets her legs moving now too.

She is still on the ventilator, but as of this morning has been put on automode, which means that she is doing all her own breathing. If she forgets, then the machine will do it for her. But so far, she has remained strong with the breaths. She will be coming off the ventilator within the next day or so and will see how she does then.

We are so excited about her progress and can see that there are positive changes everyday. The nurses and dr's continue to tell us that the future is what we need to look at and that they believe it is very bleak for her. We are not believing that report, as I said in the previous post, but we are believing the Lord's report...we sing that song to her all the time!

Will update more when we get a chance...


  1. Ruth! How wonderful! So much good news to report. I hope she continues to make this kind of progress!

  2. Lord, let them eat their words!! (this is what we prayed while visiting McMaster all those years ago)

  3. Wow! Pete and Ruth that is so awesome! I am so excited! Those Doctors are going by what they know in the physical realm and are just doing their job, they don't understand God's promises and power.

    "Your light shall break forth like the morning, your healing shall spring forth speedily, and your righteousness shall go before you;
    the glory of the LORD shall be your rear guard" Isaiah 58:8

  4. That is wonderful news!
    The medical may say what they think they need to say... but they don't have the last WORD!!!

  5. Hi Ruth, I've been away on holiday and have just now got access to internet and heard of baby Faith. Yes I will pray too that she will be healthy and strong and God is an awesome God, nothing is too hard for Him!

  6. I am delighted with all that God is doing! Thank you Father for Your goodness!

    I continue to stand with you for Faith's complete healing.