Saturday, December 08, 2007

The BIG day is almost here!!

Sorry I haven't updated in a few days. Faith was finally transferred to our hospital on Tuesday, she went to the NICU floor because they had room there for her instead.

It was definitely nice to be back home again and not have to drive an hour each way to see her...(and then spend 20 minutes trying to find a parking spot!)

Wednesday morning we got the kids to their respective schools and locations and went into the hospital. The dr was there with Faith and had told us that we could expect to be home by the weekend, or Monday at the latest. We were so excited to hear that, it is just so relieving to know that we are almost finished with this phase of our journey and can start on the next phase...

So, we were going to have to meet with a few community people first, to set up what equipment we were going to need and also what home services would come into place for us. We signed up for the infant development program here, where they will just monitor her development and if there are any significant changes, we can deal with it early on. It sounds like a great program that we will use for as long as we feel it is necessary...

The other place from the community ended up popping into our little area, to pick up her file and they said they would be back on Thursday to talk with us and work out what we need. Thursday came and one showed up, but they said they would see us by noon on Friday.

Finally on Friday they came by and ordered Faith's pump and the accessories that go along with it. They talked with us about other medical supplies we would need and they would provide all of it. We don't have to pay anything because it is not considered a long term thing right now, yay! They also said that we may be able to get the formula by prescription, since medically it is the only way she can eat right now...basically I was given no, we will see about that.

We are going to be having visits with the nurse, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and nutritionist on a regular basis, until we are a bit more comfy on our own. The infant development people will start in January sometime, we will also be seen by an eye specialist at the university, but they will do the first few visits at home, which is nice also. She will have regular hearing tests, just to monitor her ears, even though they show no sign of problems right now.

We are all so happy that she is going to be home with us finally. The kids are ecstatic to finally meet their sister too. It has been such a long anticipated event!! We are spending the day today finishing up some odds and ends here at home, like putting up a crib...which hasn't been done yet and getting the car seat ready, emptying some more boxes and getting an area set up for all the medical supplies to go.

And, today is Angel's birthday. Our baby girl was stillborn 7 years ago, and we have always done something special...gone to the cemetery with balloons and treats...but this year it is not happening...and we are all ok with it, because we have a reason to celebrate more now!! I suppose that means that we aren't as stuck on tradition as we thought we were...

Anyhow, I will type more later...there is internet at the hospital, so I may get on there sometime tomorrow...but I wanted to update here, with all the good news!!


  1. I am so incredibly happy for you guys and can't wait to see her again soon!

  2. Great news! Can't wait to hear that little girl is home with you all.