Monday, December 10, 2007


It is really becoming harder and harder to stay positive through all this. But, I have 2 choices and it is still better to be positive, however, here is a 'real' post...

We spent the night at the hospital yesterday, took care of Faith the whole night and day, really had no problems at all, then she had some bloodwork done at 3am, before she was allowed to be discharged today. That was ok, they couldn't find a vein for one of the tests, but they got the rest of the work done. (This baby has my veins, and they are horrible!!)

The results came back and the nurse told us, just around noon, that we were not being discharged. Talk about upsetting...we were both in shock and surprised by this, we had spent the night, Faith had passed the car seat test, the kids knew that she would be home today...and that was the hardest.

Her bloodwork shows that her calcium levels are too high and are not coming down and her lactic acid is high as well. The calcium levels could be from the concentration of formula that she is receiving, so they have changed those levels, but they think that she is just not peeing the calcium out for some reason. The lactic acid could have to do with either stress, or her heart, they are not sure we really need to see those levels come down.

They had to hook up an IV line in her, and I wasn't sure that they would find a vein, since they couldn't before...and we didn't want to go through surgery again for a surgical line...they did end up finding vein, but it was in her does not look very nice and actually quite painful, but it seems to have no effect on just hurts us to look at...

Anyhow, I know she needs to stay in until she is good and ready to come home, but I am tired of hospitals and dr's and needles and bloodwork...I want to look after her myself and have her here with her family...there are a whole whack more emotions here, but how do you show that in a blog?

Tomorrow, the family who stopped immunizing (us), starts...flu shots(yay...not) and then over Christmas holidays all the other stuff is getting out of the way...yup, we have given in to big brother (hehe, see I still have my sense of humour;-). This whole journey has also made me realize that if you are not immunized, you can't always go where you the, my kids have missed out on meeting their sister still and they have to wait even longer. I don't want them to end up missing something else down the road, so this is the way we are going to go...

We appreciate all the prayers and support still. We definitely need to be praying for her to pee the calcium out so her levels go down and also for the lactic acid results to come down there are no other foreseeable problems for our Faith.


  1. Oh, Ruth. I'm so sorry she didn't get to come home. Hopefully it will be soon. She's come so far! It can't be too long before she's home with you.

  2. Ruth I love you and I am praying for you all. The devil is not going to win and won't steal our joy.
    I know how excited you are to have her home and it will still happen.
    We stand in agreement with you and God never fails us.
    Talk to you soon
    Love cheryl

  3. Ruth hang on to the knowledge that Faith will overcome this. you couldn't have given her a better name....Faith....Love ya.