Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cutie Pies cute things...

Ok, here is a lighter post...I have to post this stuff, cause they are just so funny and definitely need to be shared!!

I had been pumping some milk out for Faith...tmi, I know, but Cutie Pie was fascinated by the machine...this pump looked old, I mean the thing looks quite barbaric...but, I was trying to do a little bit, so Faith could get at least a bit. Every time I went to set up the machine, it was announced by Cutie Pie that mommy was 'milking' again...yup, cause I am a COW!!

Because of the pumping, she was also exposed to my 'parts' know which ones...she asked one day "am I going to have boobs when I am older?" and what else could I say, I told her she would have them one reminded me of Lala and her daughters obsession...Cutie Pie also told gramma when she went over there one day, just out of the blue, that she was going to have boobs when she is a mommy...

The other day Pete was scratching his ear. Cutie Pie broke out in laughter and just couldn't control herself...Pete asked what was so funny and Cutie Pie responded with "you just gave yourself a wedgie!!...she meant wet willie!!

She asked another day if we were going to have breakfast with Santa this year...I said probably not, since we just didn't have time to do much. She got all upset because "I have to see Santa...he is going to recognize me from the summer when I visited him at Santa's Village!!

Then last night, we all headed out to get our flu is the first time she has ever had a needle...well, we did talk about it and how it will feel and that it really wasn't that would have thought that we were killing ended up taking 4 of us to hold her down. She sat on my lap while I held on tight, then Pete held her head and kept it turned away from her arm, another nurse came and held her arm and the other nurse held her elbow while she poked her...then she cried for almost the rest of the night, except when she was colouring...but took frequent breaks from that to wail really loud so the whole gym heard her!!

Also last night, we were talking at the dinner table and she says "my friend told me at recess that when kids go to jail they have to do lots of homework, is that true?" I just laughed...I couldn't answer her at all...

Just some tidbits from the last little while.


  1. I could picture her saying every one of these comments. She's too funny.

  2. that is so hillarious cause on the weekend Arrianna was saying that too, about getting boobs!
    I was like okay funny girl and yeah you will she says she wants a bra now
    i was like whatever maybe later
    and she said she will ask Santa!!!

    So not ready for that yet

  3. Julia calls boobs "milks." When she plays with her baby dolls, she'll pull up her shirt and "feed" the baby. It's adorable.

    Your Cutie Pie is just that - a Cutie Pie. And hilarious!