Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Years and New Beginnings

Ok, so I am a little late with my New Years post...but Happy New Years to everyone anyways...

This year, for me, is going to be a year of learning and teaching...I think...I know that I need to be teachable but I also know that people can and will learn from me as well...

With everything that we have gone through at the end of last year, I have learned so much about myself. I have learned that I can be vocal and 'proactive', I have learned that I do have help to offer others, I have learned that I am able to have trust and faith in God and His words. I think these are valuable lessons and I am still growing in each of these areas.

Something that I have experienced, now that we are home, and are getting out and about, is that people stare.

Never noticed it before, really...and it makes me think about how often I have just stared and not asked questions, or how my kids have stared and maybe asked questions, but I have told them to be quiet...being honest here...

I am learning that Faith, or anyone else who is 'different', are not the ones with the problems, but it is the people who are too scared to ask. When we ask questions, we learn...I am more then happy to answer anyones questions, or show people what Faith's tummy looks like. I think that is how we learn to not be afraid of certain situations and I think more people would be more then happy to talk...I could be wrong though...

I also know that my faith has been tested through everything, and even now it continues to be tested...I know that I need to continually refresh myself if I am going to be able to remain strong through the rest of this process and whatever else may come my way. A verse that spoke to me just a few days ago was

Nahum 1:7
God is good, a hiding place in tough times. He recognizes and welcomes anyone looking for help, No matter how desperate the trouble.

How awesome is that verse? It is in the middle of a chapter that talks about how God stands up to His enemies, He is going to wipe out Ninevah here, it talks of the storm clouds which are the dust that He shakes off His feet...

Then, right around the middle of the chapter, it says that God is good. It also says that He recognizes and welcomes people looking for help. So, that tells me that He sees my trouble, He knows exactly what I am going through. I still have to go to Him, He is not going to come to me uninvited...but when I invite Him I will be ready to hear and ready to learn more...

That's it for now...I gotta get ready to head out to the hospital with Faith today. She is having a swallowing study done and we are praying for great results...this will determine how far we cn go with a bottle...I will post either tonight or tomorrow about the test...


  1. Happy New Year to you, too!

    This year is a new beginning in many ways for you. I admire your honesty and your effort to learn and grow from everything that has come your way.

    I wish you the best this year!

  2. You are a never ending source of encouragement and testimony for me. Thank you so much.
    I am so glad I met Faith! She's so pretty (obviously).
    Your blogs are like my church services and it's great.
    Love, Melodie