Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All is well on the homefront!

Yup, things are still going here. Everyone is doing well and we are getting into our daily grind again. I am tired of the snow, but really, who isn't? I can't wait until spring...

My 6 year old, Cutie Pie, must have a heart for the nations. I told her that she was going to be going on a trip this weekend to Quebec. We don't usually tell our kids until very close to the date, but since this is a big trip for her, we told her much earlier. She woke up every morning, for the past week and has asked when she was leaving for Mexico...

She has also asked some interesting questions lately, today's question was...when we die do we still go to the bathroom...she is such a deep thinker!! And she was also asking about our bodies turning to dirt...and will it hurt her eyes??

I am also a bit perturbed with the big plastics controvery going know BPA in the bottles and formulas and stuff...I think when people hear something some tend to just run with it and start to freak everyone else is interesting when you have a whole different perspective on life and I look at my situation where Faith has no choice but to have a plastic tube inserted in her tummy, she has to be fed by a plastic feeding bag and machine, I make her formula and keep it in bottles (it is a nice way to measure the formula) and she is using liquid formula...because the hospital told us that powder was not a good choice...granted I could pump if I could find time every 3 hours to keep up with her...but the point is, when people have a choice it is different, do your research and find out the benefits and the risks...what is bigger. I know for us, the benefits obviously far outweigh the risks and we are thrilled at technology...anyhow, there is my rant for the day...

Faith is crying so I gotta the way, if anyone has used cloth diapers and covers with them, which covers have you liked best? I was thinking of going the route of knitted soakers, but was not sure if they work well or not...please I need advice!!


  1. Hey Ruth
    Glad to hear everythings going good on your homefront. Going to Quebec for a vacation?
    Just wanted to comment on the whole bottle thing. The chemical BPA isn't in all plastics so I wouldn't worry about it too much and the whole issue is that when the liquid in the bottles is boiled, BPA, an environmental estrogen is released 55 times more rapidly than before exposure to hot water. The concern is that the chemical disrupts the endocrine system in our bodies. What you have is a totally different type of plastic (surgical plastic) and the concern was only with a few types of bottles, so far. So I think it is good to be concerned but you are right, people need to do their research before panicking.

  2. A friend just gave me a cover today, and it's a Thirsties. She said she's researched it, and they're considered the best. I let you know how it works out.

  3. Cutie Pie is something else! She really is a thinker.