Thursday, April 24, 2008

Been a while...again

Well, we have had a busy few weeks here. Between the kids, and our need for more stress...a puppy, and many issues recently with Faith's tube and site...and just the last few days, me being extremely sick...I finally have a chance to write something here.

I will update on those few things another day, but for today, I want to share a card that Cutie Pie made for me.

I very rarely get sick as bad as I just was...and am thankful to be recovering now, so yesterday morning, when Cutie Pie saw that I was so sick, I couldn't move and I was crying...she made me a get well card, just before leaving for school.

On the front of the card it says "I Hope you feol bedr son I love you so muh" and the front is covered with hearts and stars (all in black marker:-) The inside of the card says "I love you so muh you or my fift mom" and there is a big heart on the inside.

See how much my kids love me?:-)

When she got home from school she asked if I was feeling better. I said, I was, a bit and she said that it was her card that made me sister told her that on the way home!

Anyhow, when I feel like I can sit here longer without my muscles aching I will write more...til then, have a great day(s)!


  1. Very cute. C has just started trying to write more sentences...I love seeing how she sounds out words.