Sunday, July 27, 2008

The one where I feel like I am crazy...

So, one day last week, I was heading out in the van for something. I have no idea what or where I was going, but I couldn't leave until I finished listening to a song on the radio. I had it set to the local christian station and there was an amazing song on. I know I heard it, I remember a few of the words...I wrote down what I thought was the name of the song and who sang it...or at least what I heard on the radio after the song...I guessed at the title though, from the chorus...

So, here is the odd part. The band that I wrote down, that I had never heard of before, was the David Crowder Band. I have that part, no problem. The song, I guessed would be called "Still with me". It was amazing, it totally spoke to me...

I can't find it anywhere. I am not sure if I am slightly insane, but those 3 words have continued to roll through my head. It has been over a week now and those words are still there. They just keep repeating and repeating and repeating...

I am now wondering if there is actually a song out there, or if I heard what I needed to hear at that very moment and it was a song that only played on my radio...

Please help me find out if there is a real song like that or not. In the meantime, this is what those voices in my head keep saying...

You're still with me
Why can't I see
All the times
I feel lonely
Through all my struggles
All my trials
You're still with me

Voices in heads I think are ok? Please tell me they are ok?;-)


  1. I tried to look and couldn't find it either. Call the radio station and they should be able to tell you if you tell them the approximate time you heard it.
    Maybe AJ knows.

  2. Was anything stressful happening that day
    ok don't laugh i know what our days are like, but
    i mean like something out of the blue maybe you heard music from the station but words from God
    love ya

  3. yah, maybe you heard with your spiritual ears... :-) don't put it past God!!