Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our Journey of Faith - Chapter 1

Ok, so these are the bones and now I need to add the joints and muscles and skin to make the body of this book better. I would like to enter it into a writing contest at the end of August and need some help editing. I have never done this before, so bear with me!! If it is horrible, let me know. Feel free to critique it, I won't be offended (for long;-) I also have to submit a synopsis of the rest of the book for the contest too, but thought I should do the first chapter first...

It all started on November 2nd, 2007 when our 6th child was born with a lot of unexpected complications.

Well, actually, it all began about 13 years ago.

My husband and I met while we were both travelling. I was travelling for pleasure, I wasn't quite ready for a college and a career so I bought an open bus ticket and travelled across Canada, starting in Toronto.

My husband, Peter, was travelling from Halifax to go west for work. There were not many jobs available down east and the west was the place to be.

We met at the youth hostel in Calgary. From the first meeting we were hooked! We hitchhiked and bussed across Alberta, heading to Grande Prairie, where we heard there was a lot of work. We enjoyed the trip, we saw the mountains, drank from the springs, watched the sunsets and of the people travelling with us decided to head to BC so there were only 3 of us left and hitching wouldn't work that way. So, I headed back to use my bus ticket to get from Jasper to Grande Prairie.

The other 2 were hitching the rest of the way...Once there, I waited over 12 hours, not knowing if they would actually show up...but they made it.

We lived there for around 7 months and came back to Toronto to get married...I was already pregnant by then.

Our son, Devin, was born in August of 1995 with low blood sugars so he was in the hospital for a few extra days. Altogether, he was a healthy, big boy who was a delightful first addition to our family.

Then, in March of 1998, our first daughter Keri, was born. She was healthy and strong willed right from the start. She kept us on our toes all the time!!

In 2000 we had a normal pregnancy and were planning our first home birth. We were excited and I went for one last ultrasound at 32 weeks. We were told at that meeting that they could not see a heartbeat. Our baby had died and we were unsure why. I was induced and went into labour the first week of December.

Our church and family were very supportive and without God and them I am not sure that we would have made it through. We had a baby girl, that we named Angel, she died from a knot in her cord. We had a wonderful memorial service for her and we picked a beautiful stone for her grave. She is and always will be a part of our lives.

I was pregnant very soon after Angel and we had our 4th child. Grace was born in December 2001. She has always been the joker in the family. She was our Christmas present...the light that came after the darkness and was such a blessing to us. Grace was also our very first homebirth. We enjoyed, and will never forget that experience.

In 2005, Hope was born, at home as well. Peter was able to deliver her. She came out so fast that our midwife almost missed it! She is, to this day, a very quick girl who is so strong willed too! There is something aobut our girls and strong one will ever push them around!!

Our last daughter was born on November 2nd, 2007. This story is about her and the trials that we have experienced and continue to face. This is being written as a testimony to others about how faithful our God is; about how the prayers of His people can cover everything and about a little girl proving daily that God's report is always bigger then man's report.


  1. I think it's sounding great. You have a talent for writing. The only advice I have is what you already plan to do - add more to it! You're off to a great start.