Friday, August 08, 2008

Not myself lately...

Yeah, so that is how I am feeling lately. Just not quite all there...not sure what it is about...and don't really care to share that private instead I leave you with this...

About 2 weeks ago Cutie Pie was up all night, in bed with us, because her mouth hurt...specifically her tooth.

So, the next morning we made an appointment to see a dentist. I am horrible for getting my kids there, so it is her first time.

We get in there and they do the initial exam and the dr looks at me and says "her mouth is really bad, I mean really bad". Wonderful.

Cutie Pie had an abscessed tooth and another one that if they couldn't fix would end up in a root canal...FUN...

Anyhow, the dentist says that she needs to pull the tooth out and try to save the other one...but not to scare Cutie Pie...bacause that is so easy!!

So, all we tell Cutie Pie for the week is that they are going to try to fix the teeth...not a lie, just an omission of the truth...that's not a lie, right?

We go in to the next appointment, the pulling one, and the dentist is so good with her. She introduces her to Mr. Shower, Mr. Bumpy, Mr. Polisher etc...Cutie Pie does fine for the filling of one.

Now it is that dreaded part. The Pull. So, the dentist introduces her to Mr. Wiggler. He is going to wiggle the tooth to help it feel better!! In reality Mr. Wiggler is Mr. Puller...

So, she wiggles the tooth and pulls it out. Cutie Pie screams but survives...

As we are on the way out, the assistant hands Cutie Pie her tooth, in a cool tooth case and Cutie Pie says...."They PULLED it out????" She had no idea, the first time...

The second one was just the other first they weren't going to pull it out, but the dentist noticed it was swollen and infected again, so decided it would be better to take it out...notice I said better and not "easier".

So, they fill the one and get ready to pull the other one...but let me tell you...Cutie Pie knows what Mr. Wiggler is for it took 3 of us pinning her to the chair to get that one out...

Now, we brush everytime we eat, we floss every morning and night, and we do a fluoride once a day. The other 2 have 6 cavities and 5 is going to cost roughly $3000.00.

Fun times...I tell ya, fun times...


  1. Oh no! Oh, Ruth. $3,000? That's gotta hurt!

    Dave has been our dental cautionary tale. He's had such trouble with his teeth. The bills really add up, even with insurance.

    I hope Cutie Pie is feeling okay. What a brave girl!

  2. P.S. I hope YOU're feeling okay, too, my friend.

  3. That's a whopper of a bill! Keep brushing and keep away the sticky treats like fruit roll-ups and those type of foods, my dentist hates those. I also believe in prayer. I've seen God heal people's teeth, I pray over my kid's mouths.

    Which brings up a whole other point === why is dental not covered by our government?! AUGH, I mean they say that heart disease is caused by swollen gums and gum disease but they treat the heart disease but don't go the preventative way and make sure all have access to take care of their teeth.... my soap box moment for the day!! :-)