Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Excerpt from the new book I am going to write...

So, I have decided that since my life is full of poop incidents...between kids and the dog, that I will need to write a book about know a sit on the throne and laugh at what someone else has gone through kind of book...potty humour!! The book will be titled..."My CRAAPpy Life, stories for the throne"

One of the stories is from the other day. It was labour day here in Canada and the stores were all closed except Shoppers Drug Mart...we really needed milk, both for us and for the baby, so at 830ish I left the house and left my 13 year old in charge...

I had to wait an extra half hour for the store to open, ran in, got what I needed and headed home. Faith was in the booster seat eating some cereal and drinking her cuppy and was quite happy. The kids said that since we had no more diaper liners, they didn't know what to do so they just put her in the chair without a diaper.

I thought, whatever, that was fine, she was happy and when she was done I would put a diaper on her.

Then I smelled poo...I looked all around where the dog was, thinking he had pooped, and didn't see I continued playing Guitar Hero...then I smelled it really bad again, after a few minutes and had the thought that it may have been Faith. So, I looked over, after pausing my game, and sure enough, she had poop...and it wasn't the solid type either...

So, I told the kids, that since they had put her in like that, they had to help with the cleaning. I was finishing my song while Princess filled the bathtub and Mr. H was wiping the front of the chair down...all of a sudden he screams...she's slipping!!!

I jumped up and she had slipped down the chair and nearly out and I grabbed the tray while my 13 year old held her arms up...

We were killing ourselves laughing and Faith just laughed right along...gotta love her new personality!!

So, we got her out and Mr. H wiped the big pieces off and we plopped her into the tub. Washed quickly and took her out. Mr. H was sent out to hose the chair down with some soap and came in asking if he could wash all the chairs... and I said go right ahead...

So, the next time I want my chairs washed, I will put Faith in the chair naked so she poops again!!


  1. hehe yup thats one way to get those extra chores done!
    I would buy your book!

  2. Not nearly enough...too much distraction!!

  3. My favorite thing about this: you were playing Guitar Hero. Ha! Love that game.