Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I really need to get on here more...

I am so excited that it is almost Faiths first birthday! We are planning a big party and we are going to celebrate like crazy!!! If you are in the area come on out...get in touch with me and I will fill in the details...

Update on Faith...last week she had a seizure. The drs don't know why, and it was so scary for us. Mostly because we didn't realize it was a seizure until the paramedics got there...

Pete was putting her to sleep on his lap (lecture me later on bedtime routine) and he stood up to put her in the crib. She woke up so he sat back down (remember, hold the lecture). Her eyes were still open so he tried to rub them down and closed. When he did that, they popped right back open again. He was freaked out so he tried to wake her up.

It looked like she was awake but not really seeing us, then her eyes started to work their way to the right, and her head followed when her eyes couldn't go any further, then sometimes her shoulder went too...

She did this about 5-7 times...we were concerned, but not worried...we thought she was looking at an angel...I finally thought that definitely something was wrong and blew on her tummy and tickled her. There was absolutely no response. That was when I freaked out...

I tried to phone my mom, then my sister and couldn't get a hold of any of I called my pastor. We were getting ready to head to the hospital and I wanted to put out a prayer request. I burst into tears on the phone and he prayed for her on the spot. I went to hold her foot and partway through Pete was rubbing her chest vigorously and repeating "breathe, just breathe..." I interrupted our pastor (who is awesome and still puts up with us;-) and said we had to call 911 because she stopped breathing.

The ambulance was here within 2 minutes...helps that we live beside the hospital. They were checking her sugar levels, and she couldn't cry. Her face was crying but there was no voice. So, with each poke, it was harder and harder to watch. We relayed the incident to each paramedic and then the firetruck showed up...they were sent away because it was under control, and then the police showed up with the childrens aid worker.

The officer was so rude. I was wanting to listen to the paramedics, but he called me over. He rudely asked my last name, and to spell it, then the babys name and to spell it all. I had told him, and the cas worker (though I didn't realize who she was) that I was still shaken by the incident and I apologized for being shaky...

The paramedics then asked for a blanket so I ran and got one, took Faith in my arms and ran out the door with the paramedics. As we were walking out, Mr H comes in the door from band practice at the church. I welcomed him home and said that someone would explain what was happening. Princess had been there the entire time too...the kids were all scared.

By the time we were buckling her into the bed, she started crying. It never sounded so sweet.

When we got to the hospital, she was doing well and we just waited in the waiting room for the dr. He was great, we had been waiting for a long time and he was just a breath of fresh air at 230am...:-)

He told us that Faith had a petit mal seizure with absence. We are currently waiting for the EEG appointment coming up in November to see what is going on in her brain. There was no explanation for this to happen. Her sugars were fine, she was not dehydrated and there was no fever. He said that some babies it just happens, usually when they are being roused from sleep...and there are no now we wait. This may be my ticket to having another MRI done, just because I am curious if there really was damage or not, or if her brain they said it wouldn't.

She is also seeing the opthamologist next week to make the final decision about her eyes. We are continuing to pray for healing there and will have at least 6 months to see that. Right now, 2 opinions say that she is going to need surgery to change where the muscles are. That will help them not to cross anymore. It is minor surgery, and I am writing my list for the dr...I am sure he will be thrilled. Our last appointment was with the ORTHOPTIST...I thought, and so did all my workers, that ortho meant bones...well, it really means orthodontist means straightening teeth...orthoptist means straightening eyes...anyhow, that is my new tidbit for the week!

I will be here more often, hopefully...


  1. How scary! Praise God is ok!
    Does she get overheated easily? My friend's children have both had several seizures, and it is when they get overheated for some reason. I guess my friend had them as a child also. Just a suggestion....

    Enjoy planning her party!

  2. I can't believe it's been almost a year either. I'm glad to hear she's ok...and C still reminds us to pray for Faith's eyes.

  3. hi. I just recently found your blog through BlogHer. I found the letter you had about your NICU experience and it put me in tears because it reminded me of mine. They never sat us down to make that kind of decision but they often told us they didn't think LilB would be able to breath on his own, eat on his own, etc, and he can do it!
    I do find it bizarre that they hadn't done a CT or MRI sooner. My son had one *finally* around 11 months but he does have significant delays and also 3 therapists that come to our house (vision, OT, and PT) I hope they did an MRI since she had a seizure; if not you should def demand one.
    I hope you keep blogging. I hate seeing other people go through this but I've been looking for other bloggers that are in similar situations... I know it can feel awfully lonely out there.

  4. just checking in to see how the progress is! love to you all!

  5. How scary! Glad she's okay.