Monday, January 19, 2009

Budget Journal Week 2

Alright, so the past 2 weeks went by great with our budget. We didn't go over and are still out of our banks overdraft amount!! It is the first time we have been here in so long!! I am really getting excited about it!! And I am also preparing to talk at our local moms group about our budget and though I am nervous, I am also excited, because it is something we are living and it is working!!

This week we took a bit of different money out. I am not sure that I have laid it all out, but I will have to do that when the kids are in bed, because it is a little more in depth. But this week we started putting money into our other bank. This account is for those things that we don't spend every month, but they do come up, pool repairs - summer only, clothes - when needed, dentist bills - 6 months per all adds up, even the car stickers and license renewal.

So, instead of getting to the time that we need the money, we are adding it into the other account. It is one that we will only use when needed, so kind of like a mini savings account. When Cutie Pie goes to the dentist at the end of this month, I will have $45 from this account to cover the bill, and the rest should be covered with our benefits.

We have the seperate account so we don't spend that money when we have an urge to buy something.

This week I read the flyers really closely. I found some really good deals that we will be buying throughout the far, the best deal was the oranges at Sobeys. It was a weekend only sale, 8lb box of navel oranges for 4.97...2 stores have cheese on sale, the big blocks. We always stock up and throw it in the freezer, because it is usually 6-7.99 each block...crazy!! So, it does come down periodically to 4.99 a block and that is when we stock up. The one store had it for 4.97, and the other one was 4.99...and instead of cutting pennies, the 4.99 store had bonus points if you bought 2 blocks...those points add up to money off your groceries, if you want. So we thought forget the 2 pennies, and took the extra points.

I was also excited that bags of spinach, big ones, were on sale too....99 a bag. My kids have no idea it is spinach, and actually like it for salad. We just use spinach and oranges, tomatoes (which were on sale too) and celery (end of last weeks) and sprinkle sunflower seeds over top. Very yummy!! I also got ground beef on sale. I always watch for the discount stickers, on meat that is getting to the end of its time. I saved $8.00 on a mega pack of beef!! So, instead of 14.00 it was only 6.00! Pete made a great chili with it!

Anyhow, I managed to pay the bills, and set up the envelopes, and we still have money left!! We have to make it all last for the next 2 weeks, and I don't think it will be a problem.

We also received our last payment on the car we sold and a friend is able to get a whole pig, butchered and all, for $150 so we are buying that. It is a great deal. We used to pay almost $300 for our pigs in the past, so we were not turning this deal down!! It will also save on our grocery bill for many months to come!!

That is it for now, gonna run and turn on a movie for the kids (because the satellite keeps cutting out:-( By for now!


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