Thursday, January 22, 2009

The moon, the spit and the penny...a modern tale...hehe

I look after my niece in the afternoons while my sister is in school. It has been fun, and trying at times, but we come to common ground on most things...and I know when she is tired and like I said, for the most part it is fun. Little Missy and Pooky really enjoy playing together, and Faith just bullies them both around...things generally work out well.

On Tuesday this past week, however, there was something amiss at our house. Little Missy had not eaten her lunch and I gave her the option of eating it at the table or sitting on the couch. At the same time Faiths dietician was here. I stuck to my guns and Little Missy sat on the couch.

However, she was mad at me for following through (Little Missy has a bit of a temper...she has been telling people off since before she could

While in her mad state, she walked up to the dietician and turned around, her back facing us, stuck out her bum and proceeded to pull her pants and diaper down...yup, the dietician had been mooned!!!! I told our worker that I had never seen her do this before, and never heard of her doing this before...and the dietician said she felt special!! No matter how cute that bum was, it was inappropriate and I picked up Little Missy and put her back on the couch for time out.

Again, Little Missy was mad and after just a few short seconds she got up and came over to our worker again, and then spit, over and over her...WHAT??? I am not sure where all that came from, but Little Missy sat on the couch for a very, very long time!!

You would hope this would be the end of my day, but was not!!

Pooky and Cutie Pie were playing upstairs for a bit, and we now have quite a bit of spare change laying around the containers, because Cutie Pie bought a gumball machine with her Christmas money.

All of a sudden, I hear a piercing scream and the girls shouting for their dad to come upstairs...he had been out helping Mr. Hockey with his paper route and was expected home shortly. I called the girls down and asked what was going on...

Cutie Pie told me about how Pooky ate a penny...Pooky was holding her throat and hysterically crying. I told her that was not a good thing and I would have to take her to the hospital. Princess, being the drama queen, tells Pooky that pennies in the tummy can make you die. So, Pooky, of course, screams louder!!

I wait for Pete to get home and tell him what happened. Not sure if we should wait at the hospital or not. I called the walk in clinic for their opinion and then tried Cheri for her opinion (she has been here before;-) but couldn't get a hold of her. So, we walked up to the hospital (one of the benefits of moving here)

Pooky had been complaining that her tummy was hurting, and I thought that the hospital would be a safe place to calm my nerves and hopefully tell us that Pooky would be ok. We went through triage and Pooky was still pretty shaken up, then we headed to the waiting area (after getting the bracelet...that is now Pooky's trophy!!).

We didn't wait long and headed back to the bed. The dr came by and sent us for xrays, I had told him that she wasn't complaining of hurting anymore, but 3 year olds soon forget their worries...

Pooky was awesome for the xray and I stood back with the technician and the computer. As soon as the picture was snapped, we saw the penny, it was around her belly button now. We called Pooky back to look at it and she just smiled. I asked her if that is where pennies belong and she said no. Previously, I had asked if it was a brown or silver penny and she said brown.

The dr looked at the xray and was quite perplexed...He came over and told us that it had made it down 2 of the 3 smaller parts of the body, there was just one more left. But he was concerned that the penny was so big!! He said that his medical knowledge said she would be fine, but his personal knowledge, being a dad, said he should double check. He asked if she could have swallowed a circle battery instead, since it was so big, I told him I didn't think we had any of those.

He said he wanted to double check with a few other dr's and sent an email to the other hospital in town, and talked to a pediatrician, then spoke to another er dr and finally, an hour later came back and said we could go home.

We would need to watch for pain in her lower abdomen, or vomitting etc...that would mean that the penny was lodged in one of her tubes. But, otherwise, it should pass in 2-3 days...This was on Tuesday, and it is now day 2...I have already dug through 3 and nothing yet...

My line at the hospital was digging for copper is not nearly as worth it as digging for gold...



  1. hahaha
    Sorry but this did make me laugh...especially the mooning. Where did she learn that?
    I felt so bad that morning...dropping C off at your house and then requesting you watch for the rock to be expelled. I'm so glad the rock was white and easy to spot.