Saturday, January 24, 2009

My home away from home...that is what it is feeling like...

I know having 5 kids means lots of fun issues arising...such as pennies being eaten, and mom finally having an issue (gall bladder) yesterday it was Faith. I am starting to feel like I may as well move into the hospital...blah...

Faith had another seizure. This time, I was by myself. We'd had a great appointment in the morning, for Occupational and Physio therapies, and they were all pleasantly surprised at her progress, and we came home and had lunch and then headed out to playgroup. This is the playgroup that we love to go to. We had a great time and enjoyed our visit and meeting a new mom and her sons. Then we headed home, like almost every other day and Faith played a bit while I made a phone call.

Faith climbed up in my lap and fell asleep. I knew that she had quite a workout and figured that she would sleep, so it was not unordinary (is that a word?). I was just watching tv and Pooky and Little Missy were both on the couch for time outs (girls and their screams...eek...). Then Faiths right leg started to twitch. At first, I thought she was just sleeping and they were those tired twitches, but it went on and on, at perfectly timed intervals and I looked down at her face to see if she was still sleeping.

I hate this part, her eyes were wide open, but she wasn't awake. Her eyeballs were pulled all the way to the right of her eye and they just stayed there. I tried to wake her up, I rubbed on her chest (we learned that last time) and when she didn't respond I called Pete. I lost it...I never want to go through this stuff alone...not a nice feeling.

He dropped everything at work and headed straight home. I thought that we would just take her in by van and it would be fine. But, she started to choke on her drool and her lips were turning gray. I couldn't handle it anymore and I couldn't get a hold of anyone so I called 911.

Faiths leg had stopped twitching and just before the paramedics got there her right arm started to twitch. That one didn't last as long as the leg.

They were there within 5 minutes and gave her oxygen immediately because her colour was really pale. Pete had finally gotten home and the paramedics were ready to take her to the hospital. They told me to take a few minutes to breathe. I was so shaken up. Her seizure had stopped by this time and she was just sleeping. I hate that they use the word unconscious but it is true. She didn't start screaming until they buckled her into the bed in the ambulance. I came out shortly after and justmped in for my second ambulance ride with Faith.

We were brought immediately to a bed in the er, which we noticed doesn't really they thought it must have been bad. The seizure had lasted around 20 minutes...which is much longer then the last time.

The dr we had was very nice. She ordered bloodwork and a CT scan. So, we went and tried to do the CT scan without sedation. The first time it didn't work and the technician said that 99% of kids need to be sedated to do it and we were just trying. So, we went back for the bloodwork and tried to put Faith to sleep, but the ER is not the quietest place for a baby to be put to sleep. Finally the technician was heading out at the end of her shift and thought that we could try it again.

Faith was amazing!! She was awake the whole time and just laid there, sucking her arm. We were able to get the pictures and that was a relief. Instead of waiting 2 more months for a test.

The dr came back to see us and said that all her results were normal. There didn't seem to be any sign of a problem and we should see our pediatrician this week to talk about a sleep deprived EEG...that should be fun...NOT!! But also to talk about anti-seizure medication for Faith. I don't know how I feel about that...

It is like we are being mentally and spiritually defeated. If we say yes, are we trusting God? If we say no are we sentencing her to a life full of seizures? This is a hard spot. We will talk with the dr first and then see where we go from there.

I hate this


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