Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weight Loss - My struggles...

Before I had kids I was a small 117 pounds, when wet. I was pregnant by 18, and gained 70 pounds during the pregnancy and lost nothing afterwards. Each subsequent pregnancy afterwards, I didn't gain as much, but never lost anything after. I am working on losing weight and have started a program that I found online, that I think looks ok to try out.

It is a weightloss program with a Christian perspective. It is 60 days and each day there is a devotional that you do and submit. A mentor will work with you the entire time and encourage and pray with you for whatever needs you may have. It is at Setting Captives Free. They have courses there for everything. But, I have not checked them all out to see if they are sound or not.

Anyhow, I have started this program before, but ended up getting pregnant and had to stop. Since I don't have anymore baby plans, I am going to start it again. There is an eating plan that goes along with it where 2 days a week you cut your regular portion in half, 2 days you eat normal, without overeating, 2 days are liquid days, 1 solid meal and the rest is liquid, and 1 day is a fast day. When I did it before in 3 weeks I lost 15lbs, so I am hoping it goes well again...

I have been stuck between 200 and 210...it depends if I had those chips or not that day...like today I woke up and I am 205...I was down at 199 for a while, but just got stuck....so, I am hoping that this program will give me a bit more accountability and one of my friends is starting it as well, so we can work together...

Not bad, for a free online program, really. What has worked for others? What didn't work for you? I am curious to see if this will work or not, and if I can really keep the momentum going this time!!

We are off to Fiaths eye appointment today. This is the one where they make the final decision about surgery and we really have no idea which way they are going to go...sometimes we see her eyes are perfectly straight and you can't tell that she has a problem at all...and other times they are nowhere near being straight. We have been using the glasses, when we remember, and patching for an hour a day as well...but in the grand scheme of things, we are thinking that eye surgery is such a minor surgery and if it will better her future, then why wouldn't we do it...

Gonna run now. Have a great day!!


  1. I read something the other day that the average dinner plate back in 1963 was 9" in diameter and now it is 12".

    What we used to use as dinner plates are now typical salad plates. They figured that an average of an extra 1,000 calories per meal are being served on those extra 3" of plate. That's a lot of extra calories!!

    Portion sizes are at an all time high. The average size of people are at an all time high. I think what you eat & portion control and exercise are the best ways to loose weight and stay healthy.

  2. well we can encourage each other! my goal is to lose 30 pounds, I have lost 4 pounds in 1 week. I just cut out sugar completely and lowered the amount of carbs. I drink WAY more water and eat a ton of raw veggies in the day. So far it's working, I need an exercise routine as well so hopefully I can start that next week.

    the program you are doing sounds good! I like that you get spiritual support too! thats great!

  3. My sis did The Maker's Diet. I have the book if you're interested in looking at it. I believe (cause I haven't read it) that the general idea is eating natural unprocessed stuff. It was very successful for her...and even the warts on her hands went away by the end.
    I told her to email you.

  4. I've been trying to lose weight. I got off to a great start, but am stalled right now. I'm just trying to remember that I need to burn more calories that I take in - at the end of the day, that's what makes the weight come off. If only I could stay away from the cookies!

    Good luck to you!