Monday, April 20, 2009

The Big Day...

Well, today I go to get my gall bladder removed. It is a day surgery and I should be home early this evening.

We have cleaned through the main areas of the house and worked out when people are coming to help out afterwards and yeah, this should be an experience...

I am nervous and happy all at the same time. Nervous because I have never been put to sleep before and am not sure how it will feel, and happy that I won't have to worry about the attacks that I had been getting.

The attacks knocked me out...they were worse then labour and delivery altogether. It is horrible to anticipate when the next attack is coming. Last time I went to the hospital and had a shot of demerol it was so bad. That was when I found out that it was my gall bladder.

Anyhow, I will be off the computer for a while...hubby didn't think that me being couch bound was a good enough excuse for a laptop;-)

Oh well, have a great few days and I will update when I get the chance.


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