Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Even More Excitement happening here!!!

The building that the church put an offer on did not work out for us...but that gives us, as a congregation and as a family to start planning now, and to purchase our next building with a spirit of excellence, not just jumping on an opportunity, but having the storehouses filled and ready...I loved that we were unified...not a lot of churches out there can boast about that. We are an awesome bunch of people who are exactly where we are supposed to be.m What an encouragement!! As Shash said in her for the spoils...

Ok, so the awesome news...number 1, thanks to Redhead our family has now qualified to win a really cool prize from our local radio station!! IT is huge, limo's, restaurants, a theater show...The drawing is on April 27th, so we will see who the grand prize goes to.

But, the best for last!!! I WAS ACCEPTED TO SCHOOL!!! I am going to be taking the PSW course at a continuing education centre in our town. It is so affordable, because it is practically fully funded by the government. It will cost a who $500 for the PSW certification.

When they first called they said that I had been accepted into the part time day program. I had put that down as my second choice. After coming home and praying and working through my life, I decided that I could not do that and if it was offered I would have to decline. So, I called the lady back and explained my situation, with appointments and kids and all and said that I was sad to have to say no. She said, well, I will just switch you over to the evening program instead!!!!

I was and still am soooooooooooo happy...have you figured that out yet? I am going to become a student in about 5 months!! Wow, mom, homeschooling teacher, student, can't wait, I am nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time. AAHHHH!!! I need to start the ball rolling, filling out paperwork and collecting the money I need...


  1. Congratulations on getting into School. It is going to be an exciting year - I can feel it!!!

    A year of demonstration!!