Friday, June 19, 2009

The Naturopath Visit

Yesterday we went to visit with a naturopath, that had been recommended to me by a friend.

I am so glad that we all makes sense now!!

He took her history and current conditions and while doing that, Faith fell asleep. He had me lay her on the table, and she actually stayed asleep!! He uses applied kinesiology (which was a new term for me), and it was really cool to watch.

He would do different hand and finger motions around her legs, and head, and other parts of her body and then give her legs a little pull. He said that it is almost like he is asking the body questions and then it answers, by the leg lengths changing...fascinating!!

The first thing that he found was that Faith has a milk allergy. As soon as he said that I thought, he knows what he is doing!! I had mentioned to the docs in the beginning that I thought maybe Faith had an allergy or intolerance, which would explain the reflux issues that she had. I suggested maybe trying the soy based formulas and they said that they were actually not that good for a baby, because they have been proven to cause allergies...I don't was just nice to know that someone actually verbalized what I have been thinking over the past year!!

Then he said that he found a deficiency in B2 and B6, and that her liver was a bit toxic. Also that there is a lot of bacteria in her digestive tract.

We came home with a vitamin regimen, which isn't going to hurt her to try, a probiotic that won't hurt to try out either and a castor oil compress on her right ribs and tummy area. Not too bad? And we will be picking up some anti-seizure homeopathic drops for her to use as well.

He also took some time to give her some drops in the office to help with her emotional trauma from her birth and all the stuff she has been through. It was just a few homeopathic drops, from flowers. All in all, it was a pretty cool appointment.

We are looking forward to going back after we talk with the pediatrician. I want her to be involved to some extent in all this. If we do all we can do and there are still seizures happening, then we will obviously revisit the whole phenobarb idea. We just want to know that we tried everything, that is possible for us to try, first.


  1. Sounds encouraging! Hope you have success!mi

  2. Sounds like an awesome appt. I don't know who you ped is, but don't be surprised if they look at you like you have 3 heads when you mention Naturapath... most are not open to alternative medicine. I'm excited to see how things turn around because I think they will.

  3. I grew up with only having a Homeopathic doctor and people looked at me strange all the time, my work actually asked me to get a real note from a real doctor next time I was sick... but to me, they are totally the best doctors (when you get the right ones). To me, it makes perfect sense. I really wish they were covered by our medical system, any kind of preventative type measures!!!

    That's enough of my soapbox for the night :-) I'm glad you went and checked it out and I'm glad you found out about the milk and other stuff.