Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lazy Dayz...Update from the poolside...

So, I have fallen off of the blogging train this summer...we have been enjoying the warm weather while it is took a while for it to realize that it is supposed to be warm...

Our son, Mr. Hockey, has gone and come home from his trip t Guyana. He really enjoyed his time and is starting to save his money already to go back again. He has such a heart for the nations and people...he is definitely a servant.

Listening to his stories, and seeing his pictures really opened up our eyes and our other kids eyes. Princess has the countdown on for when she can go now...and she was hesitant before.
One of the bigger tasks they took on was helping to build a cement path and clean up and paint the outdoor washrooms at the church they went to help.

Mr. H learned a lesson in not touching market cats...this shot is the funniest I have seen...he definitely looks like he should be shouting "Adrian"...haha. He was just waking up in the morning...I guess next time we will send some allergy pills with him, as this cat allergy may be a bit bigger then we thought..

He also, obviously missed his sisters dearly, because he made sure to find a new sister in Guyana...he said she was so cute!!

He also said that they have the best food down there, and he is really going to miss that too. He said they make the best of the things he brought home for us was a tawa, it is like a cooking pan that sits right on the burner, there are no sides, it is just a flat pan...he asked me when I was going to learn to make will have to find a recipe for that now. His least favourite meal was the rooster feet...

And he still took notice of how God's creation is evident, no matter where you are!!


  1. I can't wait to make a scrapbook of their trip. It would be good for them to continue corresponding with the church down there too, keep the communication lines open. Now we start planning next year's trip!! God where should we send them!!! :-)