Sunday, July 05, 2009

Quick Update...

I haven't updated in a while. We go this week to see the pediatrician and talk about completing the final phase of the no milk diet with Faith.

I enjoyed chatting with a friend, who I don't get to see ofthen, this morning (SC:-) and she made me think in a different direction. I really don't need my dr's approval (though I would like it) to try a diet change in my childs life.

This child, number 5, has been by the skipping off the road, watched under a magnifying glass, and everytime I have wanted to try something different (because moms sometimes know more about their kids) I have always had to (or felt I had to) ask the dr's first. Yet, I am the professional when it comes to raising my own child...

So, I am making a menu plan for a 1 month elimination diet. We are taking out everything that has to do with milk in any way...that includes milk, whey, casein, etc... (I am learning so much!). I will show the dr what my plan is, how I am going to make it work, and how serious I am about doing it.

I plan on doing it either way, whether she agrees or not, and my dietician is on board with following more closely to make sure that everything is going smoothly. No weight, or health issues...

Now, to get the rest of the family to follow along...the ones who like to just sneak a piece of chocolate her way, or that little spoon of ice cream is a hard time of year.

I plan on making our own bread for her, and making her meals ahead of time and freezing them in serving should be a fun journey!

And on another note, we have a new source of income, are you ready for this one?

Our dog has been propositioned, by a legitimate labradoodle breeder, to be a stud...and they will pay us either a puppy from the litter or...$500!!!!! I was floored when she offered that much money!! We are heading into the stud business with Max now:-) Hahaha...we are pimping him out...bwahahahhahaha...I think it is funny and we should have done this sooner!!

Anyhow, that money will help pay for the BIG electrical issues that we are having now...grrr...another day for that one.


  1. it shall be well
    thats what i been told
    love ya lots

  2. Who's Faith Momma? You're her Momma!!!

    Cute about the dog... He's male... he won't mind. :P

  3. the comment SC.

  4. follow your instinct, they're God-given, Holy Spirit speaking intuitions!!