Wednesday, August 05, 2009

...and the tree came tumbling down!!

I am so glad we had our tree out front taken down last week. Not only did we get an amazing deal, but my husband is such a hard worker that we got to enjoy the perks of his job and the mess was cleaned up by the next day!! We had a few neighbours come and haul away the firewood pieces and all that was left was the brush...

We had a massive storm come through yesterday, with winds and hail and lots and lots of rain. I am sure the tree would have come down into Mr. H's room. So glad we dealt with it quickly!!

The kids loved playing in the jungle...and losing their shoes amongst the branches!!

Now I have a naked yard...I will have to take an after pic of it:-) Am looking forward to planting a bylaw acceptable, really tall, wildflower garden next year!! Just because I love my neighbours!


  1. They really enjoyed playing in it too and hard working does pay off your right

  2. I'm sure the kids will always remember this.