Monday, August 03, 2009

The Next Day

I couldn't get her to smile for a picture this morning...I don't blame her.

She was sleeping so soundly when we were ready to leave the hospital that we just left everything on her. We figured we would deal with it in the morning.

She dealt with the pee bag herself, yanked that off, yanked off the bandaid from the IV and I tried to gently pull off the leads...yeah, that is something that you can't do gently.

We drove aroun town today and ended up at the hospital to fill her prescription. No one really carries liquid phenobarb. The hospital only had 1 weeks worth that they could five us off the bat, so that is what we came home with.

After the first dose, it took an hour for her to calm down. She was WIRED!! She seems to be the opposite reaction then the "typical" child. She ran and hit and kicked more...very aggressive, and then after that hour, she crashed. She slept almost a good 2 hours, which is unusual for her. This may be nice after all!! Especially knowing that she will get the meds at bedtime!! (or an hour before:-)

I feel so much better today, I had my chocolate and my ice capp and now I can function (almost) normally. Emotionally I feel better too. I still don't have the peace that this is the medication she will stay on. I am researching the new one that is out there. I would like to look at that one as a serious option.

It is the pure form of Tegretol. Apparently there are little to no side effects, there is no weekly bloodwork that needs to be done. It just sounds so much better then the possible liver damage of the other choices...

I know that we made the right decisions for this time. I know that we have done and continue to do what we can for Faiths best. I love that I have this blog as an outlet and I don't see my previous post as a failure in faith. I see it more as an outlet to find my faith again and to know beyond a shadow of a doubt what I believe and why I believe it.

I couldn't imagine going through this without the strong foundations that we have. Thanks to all for the words of encouragement, both on the blog and on the phone. We have such an awesome community surrounding us and it is such a peace knowing that.

Off for a swim now...


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