Thursday, October 29, 2009

H1N1 and topic:-)

Today I go for my shots, 2 of them, H1N1 and the seasonal flu shot. It is required in my class otherwise we don't get to attend placement, therefore dropping out of the course...I am doing it.

You know, there is so much hype. I used to be against all forms of immunization, until Faith came along. When her siblings were not allowed access to her for 2 months...yup, 2 whole months, my perspective changed.

I still keep up to date on the research, I still make the decisions about following through and at what times, but I am more open to them.

My question to others out there, even though I usually stay away from controversial subjects is this. Do you really think the media is 100% accurate? Do you really think and believe that you are getting 100% of the information? If the vaccines were totally safe, do you really think the media would announce that?

I don't believe they would. I know, I am going to get some slack for that stance, but again, as I have said previously, my blog, my opinion.

For an argument on the biggest issue we hear, mercury, read how much mercury there is in tuna, or how about those old fillings in our mouths all the time...

So many of the potential (keyword) outcomes are exactly that, they are rare. Rare means that you do have to take a chance...if you choose not to immunize, you take a chance of contracting the virus, if you vaccinate, you take a chace of contracting a rare outcome...

Life is full of chances, everytime you cross the street, everytime you get behind the wheel of the car, everytime you go to the dr's office, everytime you shake someones hand, hug someone, try on clothes at the store...think about it. Unless you live in your little bubble, and don't "live", you are taking risks every day.

For our family, we are trying to decide if the kids should get the shot this year or not, both of them. A lot of our thought processes are on: Do we eat enough green, immune boosting products? Do we get enough rest at night? Do we take regular vitamins and supplements? How old are our kids, do they know not to pick their nose (even in private)? Do they know not to put their hands down their pants (you know this is not just my kids:-)? Do they wash their hands apporpriately and all the time? How many kids in their classrooms know to sneeze in their sleeves? How many kids know to wash their hands?

We learned in class that the flu bacteria will sit live on a surface for 2 that kid who went to the washroom in class, then didn't wash very well, and then picked his nose and played with that puzzle has just left the bacteria, for another 2 days, on that item...

These are our deciding factors. Our decision has not been made, but when we look at the potential risks on both sides, I am leaning in the direction of getting the needles...we are also praying about it, trying to find peace with a decision, like we had when we made many controversial choices after Faith.

Yes, you heard me correct!! My kids will probably be in that lineup...


  1. I don't see your blog or decision as being controversial. Everyone has to decide for themselves what is best for them. I think most are struggling with this dilemma.

  2. Germs are so gross. We're not supposed to touch our faces but that is soooo hard not to do!! and I think I have the king of nose pickers (3rd) and can't get him to stop doing it, it's probably habitual by now!! And the butt scratching/hands down the pants... isn't that a given with a guy?!! :-) ew!!

    Another thought is... we can't live in fear, one way or the other.

  3. did you know according to the stats we have a higher chance of drowning in our own bathtubs then dying from the flu??!!
    there are a crazy amount of facts out there and you are right that only YOU guys can make those choices for your family and I for 1 am so glad that we live in a country that we can make those choices!!
    my only word of advice would be that Jasons Neurologist advised us against it as there is a neurological risk (side effect) and someone who is prone to that or has an overactive immune system will be more prone to get that side effect. So will the flu kill you? probably not! does it suck...totally!! but a life long Neurological disease is me!