Thursday, November 05, 2009

Awesome school totes!!

I found this really cool product called "green school". I have been checking it out and what an awesome idea!! I think that this idea could definitely be a great opportunity!! And she is a Canadian Mom to boot:-)

I am not into a whole bunch of "green" stuff, or organics, but I try my best. We do little things, and I figure that is better then nothing at all. We have more recycle bins then garbage bags, and we really need a second organic bin for waste...We make homemade laundry soap, we have tried baking soda for shampoo...we try:-)

This product though, is one that would be easy to use. It would save me using little baggies for trip forms, or pizza money, and then having the kids just throwing them out. These little pouches are something that I think every school should implement. For a small cost, you have a mini tote to replace the amount of plastic baggies you use. I have 4 kids in school and we go trough LOTS of those baggies...this would save me and the garbage a fortune in the long run!!
They also have a pencil tote and a book size tote.

Go and check it out, I am going to look into it further. And if you are interested, she has a blog too, you can follow her here - green school tales

What else can/do you do that is simple and effective in these times?


  1. that looks great!! I send oddles of plastic bags to the school and they are proud to be a "green" school... I'll have to send them this link!!!

  2. I love this idea! What a great company.

    My kids' school gets them to bring home their garbage and they have "who can have the least amount of garbage" classroom contests- these would sure help :)