Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Overheard during the lunch making process...

We plan everything the night before. It is the only way that I can stay sane enough in the mornings. So, we have this routine where the kids and Pete all make their lunches together. Then we know that they are getting something decent and we don't have to do all the work. The kids are also responsible for making their own sandwiches, and they have to eat whatever they make (and they have made some doozies...but they eat them, or at least they say they do).

I miss out on this process 3 nights a week, while I am in school, and I really don't mind much;-)

However, I am so happy that I was sitting close by last night to hear their conversation.

Princess: Dad, you are a really good Christian role model
Dad: What? (because this was out of the blue over a package of sliced ham:)
Princess: Well, when people start to make fun of you, it doesn't bother you.
Dad: Mhmm...
Princess: You just tell them that you are a Christian and it doesn't bother you.

How awesome is that? Proud daddy moment then. The kids definitely watch and follow your lead, they really do notice, that even though daddy disciplines, and gets frustrated sometimes, that he is a Christian who stands up for himself too!!

I have the greatest hubby, and my kids have the greatest dad in the world!!