Monday, November 30, 2009

School, work, Faith and stuff...

Real exciting title, I know...

I have been having some issues lately...hard time going to sleep at night. I am not overdoing caffeine, or sugar...I just can't sleep. I am usually up until at least 2 or 3am and it is getting tiring...I don't have much energy during the day and I am exhausted at night...just can't slow down. Hopefully when school is done I will be able to go back to normal life? We'll see.

School has been going great. I am pulling off marks in the high 80's low 90's. I love this course. I believe that I have said before that I finally found my passion. I have a skills test coming up on the 8th, and it sounds like it won't be too hard. Basically a complete or partial bed bath and using the manual lift to move the client (dummy). The hardest part for me, I think will be talking to the dummy like it is a real person. Maybe I should practice at home with the dolls galore that we have...wouldn't the kids love to catch me talking to their dolls? Mom's gone crazy!! It has all caught up with her!! No, I am really excited for Christmas break and then heading to the nursing home. Doing some actual hands on work! I loved helping to care for my grandma, so we will see how this experience turns out for me. After school Iwould like to try to get work at one of our local hospitals. I think it would be a blast to work in a fast paced environment where it changes from day to day. Either that or in home care. Haven't fully decided yet:-)

Work is going awesome. I still take a client out one time a week and we enjoy spending that time with her. She helps me and my kids see the world from a different view point. Today we went to a movie, Space really is a cute movie. I would really like to see Santa Buddies, and I know my kids would love to as well. Soon enough:-)

My other job is the new one. I have only been doing it for a few months now, but I love that I can work from home, on my computer and get paid!! Pete always said that if I got paid for being on here, he wouldn't bug me as much;-) I am holding him to it!! Now I am trying to figure out how to get a laptop, that I know the government will pay for at income tax time. Only problem is you need the money up front...I am going to start getting more creative I think:-)

Have I used enough of these in this post?? :-) :-) :-) :-)...

Faith is doing well. We are seeing more and more signs that are becoming concerning to us. She seems to go into these comfort positions. I would expect this kind of behaviour from a much younger child. Her hands curl up so she looks like she has cerebral palsy in her hands, and she holds them by her mouth, while sucking her tongue. Usually she has climbed into her high chair, or curled up somewhere and she just seems to go into her own little world. This is on top of the lack of empathy that she shows, which could be typical since 2 year olds are so vastly different. I, however, and really wanting a diagnosis of something. I still feel in my gut that there is something going on and with a diagnosis comes knowledge...not the end of the world. With the diagnosis comes the ability to focus treatment directly and prayers directly in a specific area. It is so important...remember back to her birth? We prayed for pee until we got it, then we prayed for her lungs until they cleared...praying with purpose:-) We are heading to our second home (the other hospital) on Tuesday this week. This is the first of 3 December appointments. This one is with the pediatric opthamologist and we are desperately hoping for a surgery date to correct her strabismus. If not surgery then we are hoping for better prescription glasses or other options to be offered...I am starting to get frustrated with the whole hospital protocols...ggrr...On a better note, we have been seizure free for 2 weeks now...that is exciting!!

Not much else going on. I get to meet the kids teachers on Friday for the first time. I have been in school everytime an opportunity has been there for parent teacher nights. It will be good to see where all the kids are at. Mr. H got his report card...high school remember. He is on the honour role!! We are waiting to see the girls cards then we will go and celebrate their acheivements, because school and these ages are hard times for kids. When they do well they need to be there will be some treat coming up for them!!

Anyhow, my life in a bit of a nutshell for now. After our next appointment I will blog about the outcome (pray for the surgery to be scheduled!!) and let you all know how it went.



  1. The honor roll in high school is a huge deal! Way to go mr h!! I'm glad to see you doing so well and enjoying so much! It's evident on your face and how you carry yourself every time I see you!! You are an exceptional woman!!!