Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Future is Bright:-)

Ok, so I have been able to slowly work through the issues that I have been dealing with. I am feeling much better today. I slept well, and dreamt about all the things that I can do now to "trick" Faiths brain into learning new things:-)

I really don't know enough about the brain, but I do know that bridges can be built. That is why we are truly living with a miracle in our midst!! As I said in the last post, on paper - according to the damage, she should have some motor issues...and there are absolutely none. So the brain has not been figured out yet:-) I believe that we are going to continue to have this medical anomaly in our life and we are going to keep confusing the medical field!!

So, my idea...tell me what you think!

When I was working with one of my previous clients, who had full, low functioning autism, we used PECS. They are a picture communication system. Faith really isn't having much problems with speech (a little behind, but that is ok) and she seems to be able to communicate fine, but I thought that maybe we could use them for social skills...

As she gets older we will use social stories with her too...maybe even start some now? Anyhow, back to the PECS...What I want to do is print off the relevant pictures that we need to use...hands shaking, crying face, stop sign etc...and attach them to a wrist keychain type thing. Then when she is in public and is getting ready to run up to a stranger, in an inappropriate way, I will take her hand and show her the picture of the hand shaking and tell her to shake their hand instead. Maybe the visual/verbal cues will get through and past those areas of her brain? I don't know, it is just an idea.

I am thinking that I want to have something solid in place before she starts at school so I can encourage the teacher to use the same system with her. And therefore, hopefully not experiencing as many potential problems. Or if we work really hard with her now, she may be absolutely fine when starting school:-) The world is at our finger tips!!

The social stories are a really good idea too, they are stories about, when you go to a restaurant, first we do this, then we wait, then we do this, then we order, then we talk to the person, then we wait, then we eat...something like that. It just lays out everyday events in a socially acceptable way for people to learn what is right and wrong.

I want to be a proactive parent in Faiths life. I don't want to be that parent who finds out about a disability and makes excuses...they are acting like that because...instead of teaching the individual, in a way that works for them, that there is another way to deal behave.

I don't know how it will work, or if she will even remember anything after learning it. But I would never know anyways, unless I actually tried something. So, here is where I am. I realized that my biggest issue that I am working through is the acceptance of my daughter. Yes, she has an ABI and this is how it is going to be for now. I think I had a hard time believing the damage was there before yesterday. It was just a wake up call for me and now I am back! And ready to fight again, and to be her advocate. Maybe I will write a story for her caregivers again about ABI and what to expect? Who knows...

Last night of school tonight. I am glad for the much needed break. We start placement on Jan. 5th and I am looking forward to it a little...I am not sure how I will handle being in a nursing home and not being able to just sit and spend time with the residents? We will see what I think:-)


  1. I think it's great that you're being proactive in teaching your daughter and not making excuses for her. Way to go. I hope you find the system that works!

    I haven't blogged or visited blogs in quite a while - yes, I'm a bad blogger - but I wanted to stop by and say MERRY CHRISTMAS!