Saturday, December 26, 2009

Year End Ponderings...

Well, the Christmas holidays have come and gone, quickly, I might add, and here I am thinking about this past year. Our successes, our failures, our happy times, our sad times. I think that altogether my/our year has been great.

This was a year of big steps for us. First year having a kid in high school, first year having a kid in Junior Kindergarten, first year for me to go back to school, a lot of firsts and big ones too!!

We have surpassed a lot of potential health issues. We have and are continuing to overcome many more health issues, in regards to Faith. We have, as a family, remained quite healthy (except for a few days over this past week).

We truly have been blessed beyond measure!!

I usually like to try to put together some Christmas/New Years (which ends up becoming a "Looking Forward" Spring update) to send to family and friends. I haven't managed to get around to that yet. I have been busy working and writing and learning and studying and mommy'ing'. I will get to that soon.

I am looking forward to this next year. I would really like to have some of a book written, at least started (past the first chapter), about Faith. I also would like to look into having the seizure book that I wrote, published and see if we can do something with it. There is nothing else out there like it right now. I also think, that when we see the outcome of the brain damage, there will be another book written, in a similar fashion, that we can share with people. I have learned that knowledge is power, in more ways then 1!!

With this writing bug going on in my head, I have been looking into some freelance writing opportunities. I am not sure how to navigate the scene/sites/networking factors that are out there. It seems like such a large prospect to wade through. There are all kinds of sites out there to do with it. I would like to look into something that I could manage in my spare time, that will earn me a decent amount of money and will give me a nice portfolio that I can share. Blog writing, article writing (which I have been trying my hand out at), eBooks (like the seizure cool would that be in an eBook??) things that are small enough and easy enough to start with.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Any companies that you have had experience with? What is the pay like for someone like me? Is it even worth doing or looking into? I am so curious about this line of work. As I said before, the writing bug has taken me captive!! Who knows what this year will bring? Maybe I will be published one day??

Anyhow, Merry Christmas to everyone, Happy Holidays to all and Happy New Year to come!!


  1. I have only just started doing some freelance writing... so far only 1 published and paid for article! And they contacted ME... so I have no idea how to do it!

    Merry Christmas Ruth.