Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Ongoing Conditions

This is the topic we are on now in school. We all had to pick a condition and do a report and then a presentation on our topic. I chose to do mine on Crohn's Disease. I think I did well on the report and the presentation is coming up soon. We have our last test, on the various conditions, next week. I think we are studying something like 40 conditions!! All on one test??? That will be interesting.

One of the topics will be epilepsy, which I know some stuff about...we are living it!! I actually have written a short childrens book...I was inspired after having to explain to 2 caregivers this past week how they can handle the situation should it arise. It can be kind of scary for someone who doesn't know anything about it to all of a sudden be given this child to care for...

So, the book I have written is a very brief explanation of epilepsy, from Faith's point of view. There are going to be some epilepsy facts added (once I get permission from the various foundations to repost their stuff), and the last page is a personalized protocol page (thanks Cheryl for the awesome idea!!) that parents can fill out. The idea is that the book travels with your child and you don't have to keep explaining everything!! I will keep you informed how it all goes. And if anything comes of it.

Tonight the conditions we are talking about are cancer and arthritis. We started watching a video on arthritis last night and it was heart wrenching!! They were talking a lot about juvenile arthritis and these kids were just kids. One of them had arthritis affect 60 of her joints. She couldn't have been more then 7.

She was on some pretty harsh medications, and I had thought it would be so nice to be able to have something natural that kids could use instead of filling their bodies with all those chemicals. I know that Lakota is a natural remedy for joint pain. I wonder if it is ok to use on kids? And I wonder what other remedies are out there?

I know that I felt better as a parent that I tried and still continue to use a naturopath. Even though we aren't using the R33 anymore, we are using febriplex and have thought about using another homeopathic remedy to fight against the flu.

I couldn't imagine having to go through range of motion exercises with my child to the degree that is necessary with juvenile arthritis. I know it was hard enough getting some of those exercises done with Faith but she could already do a lot on her own.

Anyhow, these are some conditions that I may be working with one day, when I finish my course. It is good to learn, but also very difficult emotionally. I can see that this will be an area that I will need to work on. Being able to help a client without becoming too emotionally involved.

Oh, and on the last test that we got back, it was case studies on abuse, I got 29 out of 30!! I was sooo excited, because it gave me more room to mess up on last nights test...which we will have to wait and see how I did.

Last test next week then we are on holidays and then into placement. I can't wait!!


  1. I think your epilepsy book is absolutely brilliant. Inspired. Something like that would be great for kids like my son Aiden with autism too. Great idea Ruth.