Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Mom Spotlight!!

PocoMama makes these great blankies and sheets. They are so soft and so cute!!

She has some great pics on her Facebook group page and at her etsy store

My daughter has such a high sensory need and these are just the thing for her!! We just received a set tonight and she is enjoying it already. The softness, the ribbon textures, the brightness...we picked a monkey pattern, because she is a chunky monkey!!

You can request specific materials, patterns, fabric.

The Poquito Ribbon Squares sell for $7
The Chiquitita Ribbon Blankets sell for $18
Fitted Crib Sheets sell for $15
Receiving Blankets sell for $10

And, PocoMama is great to deal with!! A real mom who knows what kids like!!
If this is something you are looking for, check out PocoMama on Facebook or etsy.