Friday, January 29, 2010

There is fun to be had in a hospital!!

Faith is in hospital again tonight. They are watching her fever and she has started having body shakes of some kind. Trying to figure out what exactly is causing it. We also learned that she is probably having focal seizures frequently. She has been chewing her tongue and doing some odd things with her tongue today. She has also been having some involuntary body twitches. Still very alert and coherent just some small glitches in her brain activity. Just going to keep an eye on that for a while and then decide if we should change meds or not.
Tonight one of Faiths bigger sisters came in to visit. Princess had a great time naming the ponies with her and playing. Faith loved having someone other then mommy to play with. It is amazing how much siblings need each other, even though they don't always get along all the time!!
Princess found a great alternative way to play with the ponies...she is such a creative thinker!! Check out Faith's IV pole...the ponies all have magnets in one of their feet, so of course they should go onto the pole!! Faith thought it was great and even the nurse commented...the ponies without the magnet just joined the mosh pit at the top (nurses words!!)

Faith loved playing with the laptop camera...and dad had to get in on the action...can you see the disgust in Faiths face? "Dad, quit ruining the picture...just smile nicely!!" We had a nice visit with the 4 of us and Princess and I headed home. Dad is on night shift tonight, and hopefully we will have news about going home tomorrow. However, if they think it is better for her to stay, then we won't be upset about it either...the best for her!!
Sitting in that room all day, got me thinking about flowers. I have really never been one to enjoy flowers a whole lot, but I see why they are nice to have in a hospital room. The rooms, though they are decorated quite nicely, could use some colour and just something different to look at.
Companies like the that I blogged about in the Monday Mom Spotlight can send flowers anywhere!! It makes it so convenient too. I know that if I were to win the flowers for a year contest (by joining the Facebook FanPage) I would try to use the 2 "other occasion" flowers for someone in a hospital. It really would brighten the day for them!!
Anyhow, that is my random thought for the night:-) I will update more tomorrow when we know more of what is going on...



  1. She looks so cute!!!

    Glad to hear that she's home, I'll remember the hint about sending you flowers next time you're ever in there again!! I agree though, those rooms are awfully drab and most people aren't in there hearing good news. :-)