Saturday, January 30, 2010


Family pic...this is the one where they weren't all goofing off...!!

Princess was so excited to see Faith again, they played Wii boxing together right away!!

Mr. Hockey enjoyed cuddling again!!

Pooky was thrilled to have her playmate back:-)

And Cutie Pie said to Faith : You are such a brave girl!!
Glad to be together again...going to enjoy a quiet day with the family tomorrow...


  1. I love that! G is such a good big sister to say that!! melts my heart!!

  2. love all the pics! can't help but hear the song ... reunited and it feels so good...although I think it is a love song :)
    so happy Faith is home!

  3. Jake sees the pictures and shouts, "Faify has a doggy?!" he's jealous... :-)