Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's going on lately? Let me tell you;-)

I seem to go through these blogging stages, many days in a row...then a while in between...and if that is how it goes then be prepared for more then 1 post:-)

I started my work placement. It is great, I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy a nursing home, but I really do. It seems like such a fulfilling job!! And I have learned how much I can handle.

I have seen some pretty interesting things in the last 2 weeks...a pressure ulcer (first night, first resident)...Definitely looks different in person, a huge hole in the coccyx (tailbone) area...I also was present for a fecal disempaction (not a favourite memory!!) it was really hard to watch, because it is so painful, but necessary to be done. This past week I was an assistant to the dermatologist...he was doing a skin tag removal. Let me tell you, it was the coolest thing I have seen!!

First they freeze the area. When the freezing goes in the skin tag puffs right up. Then after the freezing is working the doc put the syringe into the skin tag and then he took a razor blade and sliced the tag off...easy as pie!! The tag was on the syringe and I held the sample jar and held the lid on top to help get the tag into the bottle. Then I got to shake it up and write on the label!! It was so cool. After the tag was removed he had to cauterize the area, to stop the bleeding. When he turned the machine on the bed started moving. I had to unplug the it is this mini looking welding gun type made this horrible bug light type noise and the smell!! I never smelled burning flesh before that I know it all too well!! Anyhow, it was neat to be a part of that. Maybe there is a nurse deep down inside of me?! We will see!!

Faith had some appointments this week, the dietician came and her weight is flat lining again...concerned? Not really, not yet. I am toying with the idea of putting her back on pediasure to see if it will work this time...and giving her an allergy pill or something like that...there is no lactose in pediasure, but I wasn't sure if it was lactose or casein that was upsetting her body...she is growing taller which is good, at least there is growth:-)

We also met with IDP (Infant and Child Development). It was a much needed appointment. I asked a few questions about sleeping, the future, the resources that are NOT available, pec symbols etc...lots of different things. We think that we are going to write out a social story book about bedtime routines and try to take care of 2 birds with one stone...I really am excited about it and seeing if it works for her, if she can grasp it and keep it!! The ideas, the routines, can she retain that type of information? I am dreading the toilet training (great readiness checklist) aspect of life that is coming up...and I think we are just going to wait until she brings it up...when she is ready. When the bedtime pec book is working a bit then I will write one about the bathroom and seeing if that helps at all...It is so hard, I know that kids are all so different, but we had started with the others by now, and they were ready for it, Faith is nowhere near ready!! Anyhow, it was a good week, and I am looking forward to next week:-)

I went to the hospital today...for me!! Believe it or not. Yesterday, my wrist started hurting. I answered the phone and I couldn't hold it at all, I had to switch hands. My wrist was shaking so eventually has worked its way up my arm and there really is no explanation...other then the laptop and sitting in the wrong position (thanks Shash;) So, since it was worsening I decided that I should have it looked at. Off I went and I was sent home with an anti-inflammatory and a scrip for a wrist splint. I bought one and it will do, I can drive the car and move my fingers when it is on. It is great!! I wish that I could afford to buy one that was custom made, it would be way more comfortable.

I am not sure really what triggered it for sure, is it just me out and working now, the computer or just am I falling apart? Haha, no, I am sure it is the computer issue...I bought a lapdesk to raise the laptop a bit higher, we will see how this works. I have looked up a few issues that it could be - Carpal Tunnel or Tendonitis...or just my muscles working harder then they are used to:-) I will see in a few days and if it is still bothering me then I will see the doc about it more. For now the wrist splint is working great!!

So, that is a bit of an update from me, hopefully I will get on here again soon!!


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  2. On and off, I've had wrist pain too...sometimes it's gotten so bad I can barely mouse and try to do so with my left hand. I've found that when it acts up...I wear the wrist guard at night and after a few days it settles down. I was sleeping with my hands curled in which wasn't helping my wrist to heal.