Wednesday, February 24, 2010

High School Course Selection

Mr. Hockey is in grade 9. It was a milestone, the first year of high school. Just this past week he did his course selection for next year.

He brought home the paper to have us sign it and he had to bring it back to school so they can plan for next year.

As I am reading down the list of subjects he picked I read:

Health Education and Active Living (gym)

Then I read:
Career Stud

I question this course that he selected...I know it really is Career Studies - but come on. They can fit 5 words to say gym, but they can't add the "ies" to career stud.

Our dinner conversation that night consisted of this...

Me: (teasing) So, you are going to learn how to be a stud?
Dad: I could have taught him that;-)
Mr. Hockey: They meant career studIES they just couldn't fit it in
Me: But they fit all those other words in for gym, do you guys know what stud means (smiling)?
Princess: OH MY GOSH!!! He is going to learn THAT???
Me: What are you talking about?
Princess: Max (our old dog) was put out to stud!!
Me: (bursting into laughter!!) NO, That is NOT what it really means!!!
Princess: (Giggling:-)
Me: It means a "cool, good looking, popular guy!!
Everyone: Sigh of relief...

All this from course selection!!


  1. You had me laughing my tail off. princess' comment killed me. Too funny!

    I think that's the best conversation you've posted.

  3. Thanks for sharing that is a great conversation! Made me smile!