Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Mom Spotlight - Xangelle Creations

I missed last week, and almost missed today...but it is here!!

Back when I first started blogging I found Xangelle through a friend. She has a great blog and some wonderful ideas that she has put into action - resulting in her online store.

She sells a variety of items:

Necklaces (for men and women)
Craft Items (cool felted things)
Simply Beauty (her line of natural body products)

Xangelle is an amazing lady. She has 4 kids at home, is expecting again (not that strange..we have 5 at home too:-) and has time to make these products

I read her posts and wonder how she gets so much done!! She bakes and meets her families health needs in a way that I would love to imitate. She is so creative!!

You need to head on over to her shop and check out all the things she has there, and say hi! I know how nice it is to read comments from readers!!


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  2. She is a great lady, I've known her pretty much all of her life. Her grandpa was our pastor, her parents were our Children's church leaders, one of her uncles married one of my cousins and another uncle married my older sister. She's been my baby sister's best friend since pretty much birth!! :-) Thanks for giving her props!!

  3. she really is one of the best!! :) I have several pieces of her jewellry....LOVE THEM!!
    she is very inspirational!