Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh My Aching Teeth...

I have always had a very high pain tolerance...I had all my wisdom teeth pulled at one time...just so I wouldn't have to pay when I was too old for coverage...I was 17 and went out that same night...barely any meds.

I had 2 of my babes at home, without any meds, and 1 in hospital without any meds...2 of them I had an epidural, and it was really only the last one that I truly needed it with.

I am pretty strong, I am pretty for some reason, as I get older, I am finding that I am not as eager to do certain things...

Like rollercoasters...I used to love these, I even worked at Canada's Wonderland for 2 years and got a free pass out of the deal...Now? Now I am ok with the lazy river and watching my kids enjoy the rides instead...

I know!! What is up with that???

Another thing I am not as eager about is visiting the dentist for myself. I find that maybe this is because as parents, our kids are often put first. They have all visited the dentist and had their teeth taken care of...

And now, I am having some tooth pains...I think it is because I consume WAY too many sugary drinks...(and yes, I know better)

I think I am going to have to make a trip to the dentist...I just have a hard time finding one I like. There was one we went to in our area once and it was almost like going to a spa...and if I could afford the extras, I would go there...

If I lived in Toronto, I would probably go to Royal York
dental practice, I have only heard good things about them and they have a pretty nice setup too...

How do you go about finding a dentist when you are looking for yourself?


  1. Hi Ruth,

    I usually ask around. I had a great one in Waterloo. His name is Sandy Tse. He is on Albert St.

  2. I emailed you our dentist...they are really close to where you are.

  3. You mentioned Spa-like.... wouldn't it be great to be able to get a manicure while getting your teeth flossed?!

  4. I've awarded your blog with the Beautiful Blogger Award! Pop over and check it out :)