Sunday, April 04, 2010

...and the hunt begins - and ends quickly with tears!!

This is how we spend the morning of Easter at our times!!

That bunny always leaves a huge mess in our house!! Look at all the candy on the floor!! Funny how the kids don't complain about cleaning up after him, but they complain about cleaning up after themselves;-)

Dora Colour Magic!! Pooky was thrilled!

Cutie Pie got a kite and a High School Musical puzzle...(do you think we have WAY too many toys in that corner? Time for a clean through of those again:-)

Some things never change...Mr. H..."put it in the bucket" was the echo of the morning...just like his first easter too!! He replied that his mouth was his bucket...

The bunny even put some candies up high for the older kids!!

Love the hair...and the face!! This is because she was told the candies were not all hers!!!

So we gave her one of the dyed eggs, which she practically ate whole...but she couldn't cry anymore!!
And now we head off to church to celebrate the real reason for Easter!! Jesus is RISEN!!