Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Memories:-)

Our Easter Traditions have always been...clean the house Saturday night (and the kids know this every year), then colour the eggs and put hats out...the the Easter bunny comes to visit while they are sleeping and he throws eggs all over the house...and hides them for the older kids. They have to clean up his mess and then look for their hats...kinda like a scavenger hunt and their is a small gift with a chocolate bunny...

These are the memories that they are growing up with, and I love it!!

This year, instead of the regular eggs, we made the Tape Eggs that I found on Pepper Scraps blog.

We took pics to share how ours turned out...and thanks to Cheryl for reminding me that I don't need a cord to upload my pics (since I have an SD slot on my laptop) I can share them with you all right away!!


Even dad got into the spirit of egg dying...he was trying to make a Montreal Canadiens symbol...but the team sucks so bad that it didn't turn out;-)
Happy Easter tomorrow everyone!!