Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Insight into her heart...

Cutie Pie has been doing really well in school this year. She started out rough, but has really improved and is starting to take a lot of pride in her completed assignments and tests. The other day she brought home a 12.5 out of 15 test mark and was ecstatic...You may remember some of her other work here or here. Too funny if you ask me...

Yesterday the assignment she brought home was a writing paper. She was happy that it was neatly written, had earned a sticker and there were no spelling mistakes:-) I read it and was reminded how her heart is so different from my other kids;-) In her own words...


My favorite people are my family. My sister Angel died when
she was born. I can never get her out of my heart and she died 9 years
ago. I never forgotten about her since I was born. I love my sister
a lot. I love my sisters and brother too. That make's a total of 8
people in our family. I love my my sisters because we have fun
together. I love my brother because he helps me a lot everything I need
help with. I love my parents because they snuggle up with me and read me a
story. Then I read it to them. Then I go to bed. My family is the best.

She has such a tender heart:-) She is adamant that we have a family of 8. If she hears us tell people that we have 5 kids she always corrects us and says we have 6...no matter what. I think it is cool that she seems to have that connection even though this happened before she was even born:-)


  1. That is so sweet. I love seeing into the heart of a child.
    You'll have to put that paper away and save it.