Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blog Party Break and Potty Talk:-)

I am having a blast meeting so many new bloggers...I have found a number of blogging friends that I will be following regularly...they are the ones that I went there to thank them for visiting me and an hour went past while I was reading their posts:-)

I still have my giveaways going on below, it is cool to see so many entries coming first time hosting giveaways has been a great success, I think...

Anyhow, for now I am doing a regular post, about life again:-) Because I am still here...I do exist...My blog is not just about the party or the giveaways...though it is a lot of fun...

We have an issue going on here, and while so many people are visiting me, I thought I would look for opinions and advice...even though it has to do with my 5th child...cause it all seems so new again:-)

Potty Training...So, Faith is my number 5 kid. We have successfully toilet trained 4 kids before her, it wasn't that difficult and the kids started showing they were ready to train by 2 or shortly thereafter.

Faith is 2 and a half now. She has started showing signs that she dislikes her diaper. She is constantly taking it off, and wants desperately to have panties on. We have let her run around in panties too, just to see if she catches on.

When we encourage her to sit on the toilet, she genearlly cries to get off after a very short time (less then a minute) occasionally she will pee and we will make a huge deal about it, she does well with a lot of praise, and literally minutes later she is peeing on the floor and is oblivious that she did so.

Her latest is taking her diaper off in the middle of the night. We no longer have those 1 piece sleepers, and some nights she sleeps with pj pants on and other nights with just a shirt and a diaper on - it is hot in our house already!! She comes and climbs into our bed...because she doesn't really sleep and we realize that there is no diaper...

It is getting kind of old. Has anyone else experienced this? It really is new territory for us. I haven't been sure about her toilet training, with the developmental delays that she has and the fact that her ABI has affected the memory area as one of the main areas of injury. I really have not had much hope for training at a decent time, but what can I do other then have her in onesies all the time, or sleepers?

She can get the diaper off even if she is wearing pants...she is very quick too...

Anyhow, that is our dilemma...I don't know if it is a sensory issue (which she scored WAY above other kids in - needing lots of sensory stimulation) or if she really is showing that she wants to train now...

I am perplexed:-S


  1. I'm pretty much in the same place you are! She loves to take her diaper off. Often at night and even with her onesie on. I can't even count how many times we've had brown stuff smeared all over the place. My boys never did that! Isn't it the boys that are supposed to do pesky stuff like that? Anyways, Finn won't wear her panties yet and refuses to sit on the potty whenever I suggest it. At school, she'll sit on the potty there with her clothes on, but there's no way her bare butt is going anywhere near a potty. I'm determined to have her trained by September, but I'm not exactly sure how we're gonna get there yet. I did order some cloth training pants though. I'm hoping that transition might help.