Saturday, April 10, 2010

iPad Giveaway!!

Ah, the life of a work at home mom...

Back in September 2009, I thought I would try out this WAHM stuff...growing up I would always say that you would never find me working behind a computer...oh how things change!!

I work for White Cloud Marketing and I love that I can fit all the hours in and around the events going on in my life. It frees me up to do more things with the family and even gives me some time with my baby...who actually peed on the toilet tonight and wore panties (and stayed dry!!).

See, how mommyhood and work can mix?

The people that I work for are really great. They had this great idea to give away an iPad! So, my boss is actually giving one away to a Facebook fan! How cool is that?!! Become a fan today for a chance to win!! You can follow White Cloud on Twitter too. This is open to Canada and the US!!

I would love to see one of my readers win this awesome prize, so go on over and check them out!!


  1. Oooo...Cool prize.
    I'm already a fan.

  2. Great blog! Visiting (and following) from the UBP. And, friend of Tanya's. :)

    Feel free to come check out my blog at:

  3. I love the pic!!! I'm in the midst of potty training right now too and it's been our second attempt. We tried when he was around 2 1/2, and decided to wait until he turned's going better for sure! Good luck girl!

  4. Twitter follower
    natmmom-Enjoyed visiting your blo
    Diane Baum

  5. Are all fans automatically entered ? I became a fan a few days ago but I see now people are posting on the wall...Do I have to post to be entered ?

  6. Shared on twitter

  7. Am a white cloud fan.

  8. The winner is chosen from the fan site on as long as you are a fan:-)