Monday, April 19, 2010

The Police Man Visits Preschool

I pick Pooky up from preschool today.

The police man came to visit them at class.
I aksed Pooky, "What did the police man teach you?"
Various responses included...
"If you beat someone up they take you to jail"
"They have those things that go around your hands, you know?"
"And Walkie Talkies, you know, to talk to other police men"
Me: "So, if you beat up your sisters, the police will take you?"
Pooky: "No mom, the police don't take kids to jail, only mommies and daddies..."
"We got to go in the police car, in the front and the back, and we got to honk the was really cool, like really really cool!!"
"If an old man asks you if you want candy, you have to ask your mom and dad"
"If another old man asks if you want to come and look at his dog in his car, you have to ask your mom and dad if it is ok"
I love what kids take out of these meetings!! I think it is the fireman on Wednesday!!


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