Friday, April 16, 2010

She Turned 5!!

She was our second home birth...She was fully delivered by daddy and she came into the world in a whirlwind of a rush!!

It is no wonder she is as busy as she is. And no matter how busy she is, she always takes time to cuddle and take over your personal space...

Pooky started Junior Kindergarten this year and is ready for high school already!! She loves her friends and showing us the artwork she creates on a regular basis.

She has a personality that I now describe as "spirited", aka strong willed;-) (it is all in the perspective).

And she doesn't give up on anything...until she gets it. She is obedient with others(told us the naturopath said no oranges, so could we give her a banana instead) although it can be questioned how willing she is to listen at home...

She is 5 and we love her to pieces. She adds so much colour into our family and has made this journey we call life bearable!!