Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tough it out Tuesday...

Today I did a day shift at my placement. It is the first time I have done any kind of day shift since my kids were born (I think??)
See those 2 sweet girls in these pictures - they make me as a mom question this whole new part of my life...really, these girls kinda make me feel like I should be staying home a little while longer.
Why you ask me?
Well...let me tell you. You may remember the episode that happened back in January at the nursing home. Remember, where Faith had a seizure really bad that she was catatonic (from the Ativan?)
That was when I went to work even though I thought I shouldn't have gone? I got over that and I am actually thankful that I went through that.
So, today - I have a day shift, like I said, my first one in a LONG time. I had a great day, I got to see how the house was run at a different time and felt like I actually did something!! I did laundry, cleaning, packing lunches, spending time with clients, and all that fun stuff.
I went to pick up Faith from my friends house and was told that Faith had a great day...but she also had a seizure. It was just small, less then 20 seconds, and very minor - but still - and this time there were no regular circumstances surrounding it. She was awake before and after and didn't seem to have any sign of a fever.
From my friends house I called home and found out that Cutie Pie had broken her arm while at school during the day. Which meant, no T-Ball, so I didn't have to rush crazy to get home, but still, she BROKE her arm!! Hubby got the call from the school and he orchestrated everything, called my parents who took her to the doc for xrays and splinting...
Oh, and just for fun, while my friend and I were outside chatting about the day - there was an accident in front of her house. All we saw of it was the one car spin out of control and end up in someones driveway!!
What a day? Makes you wonder if there is some higher power encouraging me to stay home just a little longer? I am enjoying work too much, and being out of the house, so that isn't going to happen...it is just one of those things:-)
Anyhow, my exciting day...we counted today and there are only 17 days left for me in this placement and then I am done. I need to pass the final exam and then I am a certified PSW!! I have enjoyed this a lot and am looking forward to school again in the fall:-)
Good Night!!


  1. Yikes. Hope today doesn't have anymore surprises.