Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday 13 - Random

(the year is wrong on the pic, aren't they cute? Faith has become Pooky's dolly!! And look how clean that corner is, proof that we do clean around here sometimes;-)

Thirteen Random Things About My Life Right Now...Cause I am random:-)

1. I love my placement that I am in right now. I wasn't sure how I would feel working with adults (instead of kids) but I am finding that it really is fun!!

2. I have been soooo busy lately. Appts, placement, appts, life, meals, kids, family, home

3. My online work has taken a beating this month. Something about being extremely busy or something!!

4. Oh yeah...the company I work for - White Cloud Marketing is giving away an iPad!! All you have to do is join their Facebook group

5. Faith had her psych assessment over the last few days. She had absolutely no interest in the book part of it...and instead ran around the room...and figured out how to open the child proof locked door

6. The guy who did the assessment asked at the end - Is this generally how she behaves? Yes...

7. He said he read her file and history and was amazed at her progress...and loved her personality:-)

8. Re: the child proof door lock - Yeah, my life has become even more exciting now!! Nothing can fence her in!

9. Mr. H made the HONOUR ROLL at school!! He is my kid who proves the fact that some kids learn much better later then earlier:-)

10. Cutie Pie has enjoyed her ball season..but this crazy May weather is throwing the season for a game has already been cancelled and I am not so sure tonight will be a go...

11. Princess is heading out to her grade 6 camping trip next week!! She is looking forward to no schoolwork and hanging out with her friends. I will have to reassess our schedule!! Man, do I rely on my older kids a lot!!

12. Pooky is Pooky...she is wild, funny, has an awesomely unique personality - she is one of our biggest cuddlers, however she is the one I struggle the most with...Her stubborness, her fight, her will day will be good, but for mommy it can be frustrating!! I have to remind myself that no one will push her around when she is older!!

13. I am going to set a goal to lose some weight. I am going to attempt to work out regularly and cut bad choices out of my diet - but not fully, because that doesn't work for me...I am going on a moderation diet:-) Everything in moderation...


  1. Oh I haven't played TT in a long while! I'm going to do a post now!!

  2. C is liking her ball season so far too...but we are having the same issue with weather.

  3. Hi, I think I actually commented on one of your wordless wednesdays back in march because I book marked you. I am with you on the weight loss thing, let me know if you want a blogger buddy to lose weight with. :) The photo is precious.