Monday, June 28, 2010

End of the School Year

I both love and dislike the end of the school year...

No more having to be up and ready early in the morning, but now the kids are home all the time and needing to be able to entertain am kidding, I love that school really is almost done.

I love that the kids come home with their school work and projects, and I thought that I would share this from Cutie Pie...I will have to scan the pic and add it at a later date...

The 3 Bullys

This book is dedicated to my sister Pooky
Illustrated by Cutie Pie

The 3 bullies

On a Thursday morning a kindergarten student named Alisa was playing on the playground with her friends.

They were playing tag. When the kindergarten children were running they bumped into a bigger student. Then the guy said "you beter run little kid". Alisa tried to say sorry but the big guy ignored her. So Alisa and her friends kept playing their game.

The next day the little kids were playing a different game. Another little student ran in to the guy again. He said "you beter run or I'll hurt you". The little kids say, "you bully!" The guy said "what did you say?" The little girl said, "you bully". The bully tried to punch the little girl. But another girl named Cutie Pie (she used her own name) said "STOP!" Cutie Pie ran and helped the little child. Then the little girl said, "watch out! The bully is chasing you. Run!"

But Cutie Pie said "NO!" Then Cutie Pie talked to the bully and said " you should stop bullying people because do you want to be treated good right?" The bully said "yes." "Then treat the other people good."

The bully said sorry to the little kid. And they made a statue of Cutie Pie ito remind them to never bully.

The End

The next page is what I need to is a colouring of the statue of herself...the hero!!
Too Cute!!


  1. Cute story. I found you at Bloggy Moms. I am now following you and grabbing your button, etc.