Thursday, July 15, 2010

Missing In Action!!

A lot has been happening here lately.

I have started working, and going through all the various trainings for work. I also have quite a few shifts that I have been able to take, so I am looking forward to working and reaping the paycheck at the end!!

I have been in many appointments lately for Faith - 2.5/3 years old is apparently the age when everything gets reassessed...We have completed a behavioural plan and if you are one of the lucky ones in Faith's life, who cares for her on occasion, you will have the priveledge of learning it and implementing it when she is on your clock...conisitency!!

I have been working on a post that will be posted on my friends blog, and I should finish it tonight, seeing as she will be back from vacation sooner then later...

I also have been at the ER 2 times in the last month with Faith, who has been having seizures too often for our liking...3 times in a two week period is not something we are accustomed to. Two of them have required Ativan and lasted 10 minutes, one of them she vomitted 2 times after and one of them she seemed to forget how to breathe and turned purple...Yeah, life!!

I have signed up to do a blog tour/product review and I was accepted...I will be reviewing a great weight loss/maintenance product and will be having an amazing giveaway that 10 people can I applied for another cool Disney one...we will see if I get that one too!!

I am looking at taking another contract with the agency that I support a 12 year old who has autism. This is an adult, around my age...and she just wants to go out into the community more. I am excited about this great opportunity!!

We are hosting at least 1 Japanese student in a few weeks. And if this one goes well, then we will have a second one 4 days later. I am looking forward to this too, as it will kind of bring Japan here and the memories will be amazing, for both the student and us!

I am trying to get more online work done. Trying to spend a few hours a day to keep things caught up there...I have really slacked in this area and want to keep it going too.

I am also trying to coordinate Sunday school, in my spare time...and plan a VBS for August...I can't believe how quickly that time is coming!!

Throw into the mix looking after the kids, delivering Mr. H's papers (while he is in Romania), swimming and really wanting to take part in a partial triathlon...what am I thinking?

I told someone today, this is my life and it just wouldn't be the same without the organized chaos...on a bright note, my house is getting pretty clean, and that is nice for a change!!

Anyhow, my random update post, you haven't had one in a while!! Watch for the great product review and amazing giveaway coming up!!


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