Thursday, September 23, 2010

Faith and the Hospital

Well, Facebook seems to be down right I guess I will blog.

Today I spent the day in the hospital with this cute kid:-)

I was worried about being able to keep her occupied for 2 hours while waiting for her surgery (tubes in the ears) and I really had nothing to worry about. She was good as gold, and even made some friends.

She cried and screamed for a little bit when she was just coming out of the anasthetic, but that is expected. It is a confusing moment for her. She calmed down after she enjoyed the popsicle and cookie.

We snagged some pics of her in recovery:-) This is when she was feeling better...and popsicle #2!!

And the glasses go back on, Daddy arrives and we get to head home.

Bring on the steak!!



  1. I'm glad it went well. What a cutie pie!

  2. 2 popsicles??!!! where do I sign myself up?!

    Good to see everything went well.